What Is Steampunk? (City of the Saints: Sam Clemens)

As of today, I am 65% through the first draft of City of the Saints, my gonzo steampunk action romp set in the year 1859 in the Kingdom of Deseret.  My tentative plan, though things may change, is to publish it next year, serially, in four parts.

My good (and talented) friend Jeff Brimley has started doing some illustrating art for me.  Here’s the first.

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2 Responses to What Is Steampunk? (City of the Saints: Sam Clemens)

  1. Platte F. Clark says:

    The handlebar mustache looks eerily similar to the one in your photo. Very cool!

  2. Dave Butler says:

    Everyone in City of the Saints has a good mustache. Even Eliza R. Snow.

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