Would You Want to Experiment?

“Well how else do you explain it?” Mike asked.

“Explain what?”

“Uh… explain fairies?  That’s what we’re talking about, right?”  Mike’s head was spinning, and he tried to clutch tight to the thread of the conversation.  “You’re a fairy, aren’t you?  How do you explain that?”

Twitch snorted.  “Explain that I exist?  How do you explain that you exist?  Do you have an explanation, or just a bunch of guesses?  And since when did everything have to be explained, anyway?  I swear, the Enlightenment ruined you humans forever.”

“I don’t know.”  Mike felt defensive.  He wasn’t sure what enlightenment even had to do with anything; didn’t that mean people in California sitting in the Lotus position and burning incense?  “Stuff should make sense, I guess.”

“For that matter, how does Eddie here explain that Jim and I are so different, if we’re supposed to be cousins?”


“Do you see Jim changing shape?  Do you see him burning at the touch of iron?  Or do you see me commanding the legionaries of Hell and biting my tongue all the time for fear my dad will hear me?”

“You’re both immortal,” Eddie pointed out.

“And you and the chimpanzees both have opposable thumbs!” Twitch snapped.  “Do I go about telling everyone you’re related?”

“I might be related to chimpanzees,” Eddie said, “for pretty much exactly that reason.”

“Jim’s immortal?” Mike asked.

“Well, he doesn’t get old, anyway,” Eddie modified his words.  “We think he can probably be killed.”


“Well, you never really know until you try, do you?” Twitch pointed out.  “And if it was you, would you want to experiment?”

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