Sin Is for Humans

Eddie knew that to everyone else, he looked like he was walking drunk.  But the others couldn’t see the frozen heads, and he couldn’t bring himself to just walk through them.  In his rational mind, he knew that the sun overhead was fierce, but the cool desert breeze bit into his flesh like a piranha.  He shuddered under the black-eyed stares of the damned and tried to stay focused on the crumbling brick cube ahead of them.

Jim put a hand on Eddie’s shoulder and Eddie looked up, catching a quizzical look from the titan of a singer.

“Same old bullshit,” Eddie lied, shaking himself.  “A little worse than usual, maybe, but nothing new.”

“What do you mean, worse?” Mike asked.

“What is it, your job to ask all the dumb, irritating questions?” Eddie snapped, but then he felt bad.  “I don’t know,” he grumbled.  “Something bad happened here.  Some kind of terrible sin, maybe.”

Twitch laughed lightly.  From someone else, it might have sounded like mockery, but it lifted Eddie’s spirits a little.  “Sin,” the fairy giggled, “is for humans.”

“Yeah it is,” Eddie agreed.

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