The Marked Woman

“We’re going to Chicago,” Twitch said.  Tears leaked from her yellow eyes and streamed onto the bathroom porcelain.  “Eddie knows a hoodoo woman there, and we’re going to contact the Infernal powers and make a deal.”


“The guitar player.  He sold his soul and he wants it back.”

“And what does Jim want?”

Twitch sobbed openly now.  “He wants to be… to be left alone, I think.”

“And you want back?” Jane nodded at the foam-covered mirror.  “Somehow, you can strike a bargain with Azazel that will let you back into the Mirror Palace.”

Twitch nodded and shuddered.  “I need his forgiveness,” she wept.

Jane shook herself mentally; enough games.  Time to take quick action.  “Do you know who I am?” she prompted the creature.

“You’re the Marked Woman,” Twitch nodded.  “You’re Cain.”

Jane raised the iron knife to plunge it into the fairy’s body.

Bam!  Bam!  Bam! came a hammering at the boor.

“Twitch?” called a man’s voice.

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