Way, Way Too Late

Then the first of the dancers exploded.  Adrian nearly dropped the Eye fumbling it back into his pocket, and was just in time to see several more explode behind the first.  Ribbons and shreds of flesh erupted in all directions as the human beings came apart and collapsed like bloody, discarded cocoons.  What emerged from each flaccid heap of flesh bore no resemble to a worm; they were pure monster, vaguely humanoid with hooked talons and a third set of limbs between arms and legs, that looked like they could function as either.  Around the gaping maw of needle-like teeth, Adrian couldn’t see anything that resembled a face or even a head.  They scuttled forward like centaurs, four lower limbs propelling them while clawed hands groped to the attack.

“We’re in trouble!” Adrian yelled, realizing he was way, way too late.  A wave of fatigue swished over him like a slow tide of warm chocolate, lulling him to dark oblivion.  He bit his own tongue, hard, right through the wad of stimulant gum in his mouth.  The flavor instantly changed from peppermint to blood, but he stayed awake.

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