What Is Steampunk? (Song)

I wrote a song for the first Salt City Steamfest, and performed it at the late night pajama party.  Here’s the lyric:

Letter from the Red Planet

Dear Mama, I’m having fun

Underneath a pinprick sun

Pith helmet and a radon gun

Deep in the jungles of Mars

Everything they say is true

The only thing I miss is you

We’ve a kinotrope, a park, a zoo

The latest radium cars

I don’t know where we’re going

But I hope it’s like where we’ve been

The future is behind me now

Let the adventure begin

The Company’s the place to be

For an enterprising lad like me

In the Tharsis or the Siren Sea

To live and to die

Promotions come quick like they say

Plantation land for bonus pay

Yeah, I know they’re trying to get me to stay

I might just give it a try

I don’t know how it happened

But I’m starting to feel right at home

Deimos and Phobos above

Martian oceans to roam

I met someone the other day

She’s pretty in the strangest way

She’s eight feet tall, her skin is gray

Four arms, and hair of dark blue

We played out several hands of whist

Strolled in the Barsoomian mist

I held her lower hand, we kissed

Ma, she reminds me of you

And I don’t know where she came from

But I hope we never have to part

She’s the eight feet tall Martian queen

Gray-skinned and blue-haired queen

She’s the four-armed Barsoomian queen

Queen of my heart

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