Fan-X Schedule

Fan-X is coming to Salt Lake City in a week and a half.  Here’s my schedule (and look for me at all other times in the dealer room):

4/17 1:00 pm: Zombie Enfranchisement: The Court Battle

4/17 2:00 pm: Religion in Science Fiction and Fantasy

4/17 8:00 pm: Punch in the Face: What Rock n’ Roll Can Teach You About Writing

4/18 12:00 pm: The Hero’s Journey: What Everything from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars Teaches about the Hero’s Journey

4/18 2:00 pm: Lovecraft and Poe: What Influence do They Have on Modern Horror?

4/18 8:00 pm: Build a Story: Watch Authors Brainstorm a Complete Story

4/19 2:00 pm: Top Things to Do and Not to Do as an Aspiring Writer

4/19 6:00 pm: Choose Your Own Apocalypse —The Game

4/19 7:00 pm: World Building for Dystopian, Utopian and Apocalyptic Futures: How to Do it Right


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