The last year+ has been tumultuous.  We moved twice, I changed career and ramped in a new job, and Emily and I each got a book deal.  I’m not saying a bad year, but it’s been challenging, with lots of moving targets and many extraordinary tasks to accomplish.

The dust is settling now, and I find I need to re-orient myself.  So here are some resolutions:

1. Write.  This is the basic task of the writer, and I have not been doing enough of it.  I’ll have to prioritize based on deadlines, but just in terms of existing projects and sequels to existing projects, I already have on my plate:

  • Two sequels to The Kidnap Plot
  • Two sequels to Crecheling (starting with Urbane)
  • A sequel to City of the Saints (working title: The Iron Mission)
  • Five more installments of Rock Band Fights Evil (All Along the Watchtower is about 1/3 written)
  • Animation writing: currently I have work for Adam and the Octopus Club, a TV series in development
  • Another non-fiction book on ancient scripture (who has ears to hear, let him hear)

On top of that, I have ideas for more stuff, that I need to write and get to Deborah so we can get it to editors.  None of this will write itself.  So my modest goal is 20 pages per week.

Totally achievable, though to get there I may have to grow thicker skin and get willing to write while sitting on an airplane in coach.

2. Promote.  My public appearance goal is to get to one event per month.  If you know any, invite.  This week I’m going to go talk to a class on publishing.  I have Westercon coming up, and ComicCon, and hopefully others.

My social media goal is to share at least one thing every day and my blogging goal is to publishing at least one post a week.

3. Help. I firmly believe in the community of writers.  I’m not sure I can fix a goal here, and what I can accomplish will have to be subject to my other goals and time, but I like helping other writers: reading manuscripts, editing pitch letters, sharing con table space, et cetera.  Loosely, I guess, my goal is: help every writer I reasonably can.

There we go, I’m committed.  What are you going to do?

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