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Today and tomorrow (August 1 and 2), I’m at Salt City Steamfest, doing convention stuff.

Liahona cover (CotS 1)



To celebrate, today and tomorrow, I’m giving away free ebooks.  Liahona is part the first of City of the Saints, my western steampunk novel.  Follow Sam Clemens as he rides west to Deseret in his amphibious steam-truck, the Jim Smiley, dodging hostile Shoshone, vicious Danites, and his wiley, relentless opponent, the secret agent Edgar Allan Poe.  Can Sam get Brigham Young and his air-ships into the looming war on the side of the north?  And if not, how far will he be willing to go to sabotage Deseret’s fleet?





Hellhound on My Trail is the first installment of Rock Band Fights Evil, a comic-action-horror-pulp-fantasy tale about a rock and roll band of damned men, struggling to get their own back from the powers of Hell, whatever the cost.  Follow washed-up drunk and former gangbanger Mike as his one-night gig is blown to shreds when a Hellhound bounds onto the scene… and the situation goes downhill from there.

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