city of the saints audiobookIt’s been a long time coming, but City of the Saints is now available as an audiobook.  Get it at:




or through the iTunes store (no link, you’ll have to find it yourself).

Now, I’m posting this on Monday.  I’m also going to share this post again (or similar posts) every day this week.  Think of it as a sign of my enthusiasm for the work of Deren Hansen, the producer / voice talent. He did a two-fisted, over-the-top awesome job, managing multiple voices, weird vocabulary, onomatapoeia, phlogiston guns, and Danite coups d’etat.  This is true.

Or think of it as a strategy for dealing with the fact that the social media tools distributing my posts only show them selectively to some people… so to reach everyone I think might be interested, I have to post several times.  This is also true.

You like steampunk, or are steampunk-curious?  Go buy the audiobook.  And if you don’t like steampunk, or don’t listen to audiobooks, please consider sharing… like, +1, retweet, post to a blog, or otherwise get the word out.


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