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jpegIt’s hard losing your father, even if he dies in an act of great heroism, but Sittrell Trauel has no time to mourn. The city of Amigus, entrusted to his care, falls to treachery and is taken by the aggressive and expansionist Aukasian Empire. Sittrell himself escapes only with the intervention of mysterious forces and the help of an unlikely and unwanted ally. If that isn’t bad enough, there are darker powers lurking behind Aukasia, and… worse still…

Sittrell learns his father may be alive.

Valcoria is a blackpowder fantasy (which I love) set in a world of magic fallen from high technology, where sorcerers, ray guns, plate armor, and flintlocks all cheerfully coexist. Jason King tells a brisk adventure tale suitable for any audience. Highly recommended.


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