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Wordfire PressSo, I’ve been working an exciting development in (relative) silence for a few months, and I think I can now share it.

I’m going to stop being a self-published novelist.

Nothing wrong with self-publication.  It’s been good for me, not in a quit-yer-day-job kind of way, but it’s opened lots of doors for me and really helped me cut my teeth, as well as put me in touch with lots of clever and interesting readers.  And in the future, hey, I may well self-publish again.

But I’ve been having a conversation with Kevin Anderson and Peter Wacks at Wordfire Press for several months now, a conversation that started with me being on panels with both of them at FanX in Salt Lake City in the spring, and continued with good words put in for me by Brad Torgersen and Jon Rock, and has now resulted in signed contracts.  Peter and I will work out the production schedule, but the plan is to launch Crecheling, Rock Band Fights Evil, and City of the Saints all as Wordfire Press books next year.

I’m thrilled to join this team (Frank Herbert and David Farland, are you kidding me?).  In 2015, look for me at the big Wordfire table at a comic con event in your town.

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  1. Jaren Rencher says:

    This. Is. Awesome.
    Honestly, terrific news, Dave!

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