Street Team

Okay, time to get serious.

Wordfire Press is relaunching Rock Band Fights Evil, Crecheling, and City of the Saints this year — starting this spring.  And in a year, The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie will be out to the public, too.  I need a street team; people who will help me publicize the books as they get launched.

The truth is, I already have a street team.  Lots of generous people have shared and re-shared news of my books’ appearance, and I’m grateful.  What I haven’t had is organization and a way to reward my street team members.

Until now.  As of today, my street team gets official.  We’ve got a name — the Black Blazer Irregulars — and a Facebook Group.  If you’re interested in reading my books, helping me out, and even getting some bennies from time to time, ask to join the group, or PM me and I’ll add you.

We’re winding up now to launch books in time for Pensacon.

Cover reveals coming soon.

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