Bookshelf: Chemical Burn

2Q==Justin Case is a wisecracking and flirtatious PI, in it up to his neck with corrupt corporations, drug trafficking mobs, femmes fatales, and secret agents.

Justin Case is also a former government assassin, armed to the teeth, skilled in martial arts, and ready and willing to kill.

And Justin Case is also an engineered life form from another planet, half-brother to a sentient cat, and capable of taking massive amounts of damage, but susceptible to slipping into murderous rage in his alter-ego.

If you are looking for heartwarming tales of children getting their first pets, this is not it. Chemical Burn is the literature of awesome, only letting up on the action-adventure accelerator pedal long enough to crack a joke or get slightly jiggy. Its characters are larger than life, funny, dangerous, sexy, and liable to explode if shaken.

The plot? Well, I don’t want to give everything away.

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