Bookshelf: The Hollow City

hollow cityMichael Shipman is crazy. That doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

Michael suffers from schizophrenia, and he knows that when the meds aren’t working, he hallucinates. He may or may not see people without faces, people others can’t see, or whom others see as normal. And he may or may not see giant maggots from time to time, stalking him through the halls of the facility where he’s kept and treated.

But he thinks he’s not the Red Line Killer, a brutal serial murderer who seems to be taking some kind of revenge on a cult called the Children of the Earth… the same cult from which Michael fled as a child. And he knows for a fact he has painful reactions to cell phones and other other electronic devices.

And he’s pretty sure someone… someone powerful and mysterious… is out to get him.

This is great supernatural suspense, with some faintly Lovecraftian elements and a protagonist who is compelling and ultimately noble despite being… or perhaps because he is… clearly insane.

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