The Enemies of Our Enemies, Quack

HeroQuest with the kids last night. On the north side of the tula, where nothing ever happens, we adventurers met Rictus Piercefeather, servant of Hueymakt, and Fauna Pintail, acolyte of the Earth Mother. Ducks. Carrying a clutch of seven eggs. And under attack from zombies.

After rescuing Fauna and Rictus from their assailants, the party learned that they were the last survivors of a diplomatic party of Marzeel River Reedpickers, en route to the Upland Marsh and the lands of the Webfoot clan, with eggs to be fostered by the wide-famed Webfoot leaders, Ildira and Athel Halfbeak. And the Reedpickers were running out of time: the eggs were close to hatching, at which point they’d imprint on whomever they saw. It was urgent that the eggs be delivered to the Halfbeaks, and the enemy trying to stop the alliance of these two duck people was our own traditional foe, Delecti the Necromancer.

I’ll spare you the rest of the details. But this adventure generated two pieces of art.

The climax, during which siren-like creatures with horse-like bodies and their heads dangling from stalks Enamor our Humakti weaponthane. A rock is being hurled at his head from offscreen in an effort to snap him out of it:

kissy horse

The celebratory banquet, with gifts all around, and the eggs about to break so that the ducklings can imprint:

box of ducks

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