I do some creative work with Too Many Legs, a premier animation studio in Salt Lake City. My good friend and author / rocker Craig Nybo originally hooked me up with ITML Studios - Zo_Pitch Bible (dragged)an Johnston, Tim Rowberry, and the rest of the team, and I’ve had fun developing several animated TV series that are in various stages of being pitched to networks or investors.

TML’s artists are fantastic, and as of now, you can buy their work. Click here to see TML’s eBay page, featuring original animation art of the FIFA World Cup USA Womens Champions.

(Those are not the pieces showing in this post, which are promo art for kids’ TV shows I worked on).

Be the Ball_v02 (dragged)Collect original artwork! Support an indie studio! Show your sporty feminist bona fides! Go, USA!

Check it out.

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