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So I want to ramp up my mailing list.  This comes from my being really dissatisfied with social media as a way of sharing information.  Facebook, in particular, monkeys around with my feed and your feed, and I hate it.  When I share information about an upcoming book, I have no idea who Facebook is showing it to… and if you’re interested in knowing about my upcoming books, you have no idea whether Facebook is omitting to tell you about them.

So… I’m going to reveal the cover of my big press debut in September.  I’m not going to do it on Facebook.  I’m going to do it to my mailing list.  Thereafter, the recipients this mailing list will get information about editors, contracts, releases, covers, translations, movie rights, etc.  This is not a way to get blog posts.  It’s a way to hear what’s going on with me and books.

I’ll probably still be on Facebook for the foreseeable future, and I will continue to complain about Facebook.  But I’ll use this mailing list to talk about books.

I’ll share this another time or two before my upcoming cover reveal.

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