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51gZ5QdYeUL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_The characters in Peter Orullian’s Trial of Intentions curse by gods who are not there; dead gods, mute gods, deaf gods. This is a world abandoned by its creating gods, the Framers, who also sealed humanity apart from the rogue god Maldea (renamed Quietus for his rebellion) and his creations.

Now the Veil separating humanity from Quietus, the Quiet-given, and the other races who had the misfortune to be locked in the northern wasteland called the Bourne, appears to be weakening. While the armies in the Bourne marshal and prepare to invade, humanity is split by multiple rifts. The Sheason order of magicians is divided over whether use of its art is appropriate; human leaders argue over whether there should be a Convocation and who should lead.

Orullian’s Vault of Heaven series continue with all the drama and philosophy of its first volume, The Unremembered. His characters struggle with the morality of necessary lies and murders, and the ragged holes left behind by those who chose to exit the struggle entirely.

This is epic fantasy at its most high-minded and serious. It is also thoroughly enjoyable.

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