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51VTdnWNDML._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Nat Morgan is unrememberable. Literally. If you leave his presence, in sixty seconds you’ve forgotten him entirely.

He’s been this way since birth; the only reason he survived infancy was his mother’s recognition of the problem, and her determined writing of journal entries and notes to herself. One of the book’s most poignant scenes is the one in which Nat realizes what he’s cost his mother, and walks away.

After a career as a thief, Nat becomes a CIA agent. Even as a spook, he has to be handled with very specific protocols and by very particular case officers, to avoid being forgotten by the Agency. His talent, combined with a flair for quick improvisation, makes Nat Morgan hard to stop, but will they be enough when Nat has to team up with a Russian agent to stop an evil billionaire from building a quantum computer that will enable him to rule the world?

Eric James Stone’s novel debut (he’s a prolific writer of short stories) Unforgettable is THE BOURNE IDENTITY wrapped inside an inside-out MEMENTO. It’s a clever and exciting read.

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