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51oKxm+5Z0L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The subject wakes up. He doesn’t remember, but he dreams, and in his dreams he’s a soldier. He reacts to certain situations and objects with the instincts of a soldier, too. When the hospital releases him on walkabout, he travels with a helping voice in his head and apparently unlimited credit.

And, it turns out, a sword hanging over his head.

Because the subject is part of a secret and contentious experiment. If he can recover his memories and identity, he may help restore lost vitality that earth needs in its present conflicts. And if he can’t…

why, they’ll just kill him, of course.

Kevin Ikenberry’s SLEEPER PROTOCOL is THE BOURNE IDENTITY meets Jack Campbell’s THE LOST FLEET. This is crisp military science fiction at its thrill-ride best.

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