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51hhBOk03FL._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_The Myth Adventures have always been my comic fantasy of choice**. Discworld and Xanth have their places in my affection, but I always cracked up the most to the adventures of Skeeve, Klahd (human) magician, and Aahz the Perv (that’s Perv-ECT, not perv-ERT; he’s a wisecracking scaly tough guy–think Hellboy, without the prophetic weight). Together these two found M.Y.T.H., Inc., a cross-dimensional private-detective-and-odd-jobs agency and have… mythadventures.

Robert Asprin wrote the first of these books; Jody Lynn Nye joined him as co-author; and now Jody carries on the series in its inimical riotous style.

In MYTH-FITS, the latest, M.Y.T.H., Inc. is hired to find the legendary Loving Cup, reputed to make two parties come to permanent agreement. The job leads them to the resort dimension of Winslow, where piercing the perfect surface of leisure and fun, the team faces bureaucratic obfuscation, cheerfully bloodthirsty executioners, and multiple rival teams engaged by their same employer.

Skeeve and Aahz begin to suspect the fix is in.

Myth-Fits is hilarious, pun-driven fun in the best tradition of humorous fantasy.

** I also love Platte F. Clark’s BAD UNICORN and sequels, which are middle reader books, and so in a slightly different category.

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