Bookshelf: Finn Fancy Necromancy

61KPdumaXvL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Phineas “Finn” Gramaraye is released from twenty-five years’ arcane imprisonment in the Other Realm wondering whether his subscription to Columbia Records’s tape-buying program has continued, and he now owes the company ten thousand dollars. An immediate attack from an antagonist disguised as one of magic’s “Enforcers” shows him he has bigger problems.

Such as how to be a fifteen-year-old child of the 80s in the body of a forty-year-old in the new millennium. Or finding out who framed Finn for dark necromancy and sent him to prison in the first place. Like discovering who tried to kill him on his release, and badly wants to frame him for more crimes to send him back. And like investigating his own family — because Finn gets repeated hints that the Gramaraye family business is something more sinister than mere necromancy.

Finn Fancy Necromancy lives in the space between 80s nostalgia, magical PI thriller, and comic fantasy. It’s the Dresden Files meets the Addams Family, and hilarious.

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