Bookshelf: Death Has Come up into Our Windows

S51LeZnshSxL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_tant Litore’s Zombie Bible is ancient Israelite history, with zombies. Stant’s academic background give these stories deep and sometimes mischievous resonance; his storytelling skills give them vivid human depth.

Death Has Come up into Our Windows is the first in the series. This slender volume is a retelling of the story of the navi Jeremiah that begins with his being lowered into the well and then is retold largely in flashback. We see his shock with fellow levites as they believe sacrificial worship will save them even as they throw children into the Tophet and Jerusalem descends into chaos, infested within by zombies and besieged without by foreign armies.

To my personal delight–and possibly reflecting Jeremiah’s origin in Anathoth, a town that seems to be named after the goddess Anat–Jeremiah perceives his God, the God of Israel, as a woman. The corrupt and blind levites he opposes definitely see their God as a man.

Subsequent books are set in other periods of Israelite history. This first volume gives a slim, colorful introduction worthy of the rest of the series.


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