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13715987_1871585049735871_3885088570266687050_nColt the Outlander is a bounty hunter, a treasure seeker, and a scoundrel. He’s an antihero, a rough man who just wants wealth, women, and to be left alone. He’s a rock and roll Conan armed with big guns, riding his hover-bike around in the desert looking out for number one. There are bigger events swirling around Colt and threatening to sweep him up, but he stays resolutely focused on making his idiosyncratic, stubborn, and messy way in the world.
Colt is the brainchild of the Aradio brothers and ran periodically over a decade in Heavy Metal magazine. Now he’s back, initially in the Kevin J. Anderson novella THE BLOOD PRIZE (which sold well at San Diego Comic Con this year and sold out at New York Comic Con), and soon in a series of further novels.
THE BLOOD PRIZE is a fun read. It’s a short, pulpy action story, sort of MAD MAX on Tatooine, in which one of Colt’s two lady companions is kidnapped by a thug who wants to reduce her to medical specimens in order to monetize her immune system. The thug, of course, has reckoned without Colt.
THE BLOOD PRIZE is not commercially available yet, so go like the Colt the Outlander Facebook page to stay tuned for publication dates and other news.

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  1. Dominic Aradio JR says:

    A very good take on Colt the Outlander! Thank you Mr. Butler!

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