I’m usually amused when Autocorrect mangles my perfectly intelligible text into something I didn’t intend. It’s funny, mostly. But now Autocorrect (as embodied in Amazon’s search algorithms) is giving me heartburn.

Here’s the issue: my novel WITCHY EYE is coming out in March from Baen. If I search today for “witchy eye butler” on, the algorithm autocorrects the search to “witch eye butler” and DOES NOT SHOW MY BOOK. I have had people tell me they have looked for the book on Amazon using the correct author name and title and not found it, and I have to explain to them that they have to double check the search results at the top of the page to be sure Amazon is running the search they actually entered.

This is not funny. This is going to hurt my sales. If someone searches for “witchy eye butler,” really, my book should appear as the top search result.

Today I’ve contacted Amazon for the second time about the issue. Last week, they did nothing. This time I am assured that for real, promise promise, this’ll get fixed.

Hmmm., by the way, doesn’t have the same problem.

******** UPDATE ********

November 8. My friend Kevin Keller, who works at Amazon (and really, really not in a customer service capacity) fixed the problem. Thanks to Rohan and Sunitha for trying, but huge gratitude to Kevin, whose job it was not, but who did me a favor and sorted this out.

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