Chibis for you! @LTUESymposium #witchyeye

I won’t make Life, the Universe, and Everything (LTUE) this year. I’ll be across the country, at Pensacon in Florida, selling WITCHY EYE for the first time, alongside THE KIDNAP PLOT and my WordFire Press books.

But I don’t want to leave out my Utah friends, so I have chibi stickers for you. These are Witchy Eye chibis, 2″ vinyl stickers of some of the main characters in my flintlock epic fantasy, created by David Young Art and Design. The picture to the right here is the chibi of Calvin Calhoun, cattle rustler, corn reader, brand new Freemason, would-be lover, and aspiring hell of a fellow. There are also chibis of Sarah Penn, Bad Bill, Thalanes, and Obadiah Dogsbody. And you can have them for free!

Here’s how you get the Witchy Eye chibis:

  1. Take a photo of yourself with the Witchy Eye ad inside the LTUE program and one of the Space Balrogs (Bob Defendi, Holli Andersen, James Wymore, David West, or Jason King)
  2. Share the photo on social media
  3. Hashtag the photo #witchyeye and tag EITHER @baenbooks OR @spacebalrogs (or both, if you like)
  4. The Space Balrog will give you a chibi

One chibi of each type per person.

If the Balrogs run out of chibis, don’t worry. I will offer an opportunity in the near future for you to complete your set.

Enjoy the con!

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  1. Not coming to LTUE?! You are DEAD to me! DEAD!!!

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