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So I’m on Goodreads now.  Look for me.  For now, I’m just keeping track of what I read and commenting on a few of the books.  Later, I’ll join some groups and maybe even get fancy and get an author … Continue reading

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Beta Readers and Experts

You need “Alpha Readers”.  If you’re in a writing group, your group members are among your Alpha Readers, along with anyone else who just has to read your drafts before anyone else does.  For me, Alpha Readers are the Story … Continue reading

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The Collins Guides

So I’m writing a couple of different things set in England (the Francis Drollery, Ghost Crusader series and Project Alpha), and I have been using the Collins Guides to help me select and describe trees, flowers and birds, as needed. … Continue reading

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Subplots Mapping: the Chronicles of Surfer Dude…

My next step usually is to start mapping out the various plot strands by character.  Rather than try to explain it, I will return to Surfer Dude and show you. Character Plotline Beginning Middle End Surfer Dude Recover the Artifact … Continue reading

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Brainstorm Document: the Chronicles of Surfer Dude

Surfer Dude fights evil.  What kind of evil will he fight?  Could be coastal bases of evil natural/human enemies, like COBRA.  Or he could defend goodguy coastal forts, that works for a surfer, but it makes him passive.  What about … Continue reading

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Publisher’s Marketplace

Here’s a website I’ve found tremendously useful and to which I have subscribed.  At its heart is a collection of self-reported data about announced book and other literary rights deals.  Most of the announcements identify the players, title and genre, … Continue reading

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