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A New World Obsession

I’m neck-deep in the WITCHY EYE setting and stories, and wanted to share this quote from the book (it’s in the POV of Obadiah Dogsbody, rough English factotum to a Yankee wizard-priest): The Tarock was a New World obsession, something … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: The Longest Con

Michaelbrent Collings has shown a great deal of versatility beyond the horror for which he’s known. Previous explorations have included epic fantasy and Arthurian middle-grade superhero; THE LONGEST CON has Collings digging into Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden territory, with a … Continue reading

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Mailing List!

So I want to ramp up my mailing list.  This comes from my being really dissatisfied with social media as a way of sharing information.  Facebook, in particular, monkeys around with my feed and your feed, and I hate it. … Continue reading

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