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Bookshelf: The Longest Con

Michaelbrent Collings has shown a great deal of versatility beyond the horror for which he’s known. Previous explorations have included epic fantasy and Arthurian middle-grade superhero; THE LONGEST CON has Collings digging into Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden territory, with a … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: Finn Fancy Necromancy

Phineas “Finn” Gramaraye is released from twenty-five years’ arcane imprisonment in the Other Realm wondering whether his subscription to Columbia Records’s tape-buying program has continued, and he now owes the company ten thousand dollars. An immediate attack from an antagonist … Continue reading

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Salt Lake Comic Con, Here I Come!

Salt Lake Comic Con is one of my favorite cons, and I say that as a guy who goes to a fair number of them.  It’s a huge event, the organizers treat writers like the attraction they are, the green room … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: Five Out of the Dark

The high concept pitch for these books is as easy as it is exciting: Five is Harry Potter meets Twilight, set against the mythos of the Dresden Files. Paige is a preacher’s daughter who accidentally discovers her own magical powers … Continue reading

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Today is the first official day of this (new version of this) blog.  It’s about writing, so I’ll start with a book that someone in my family wrote.  Sadly, not me.  This is my son William’s first book of spells. … Continue reading

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Magic, Hard and Soft

There is a distinction you will sometimes hear made by writers and readers of fantasy fiction between hard magic and soft magic. Soft magic is magic that just does what the author wants it to do in every case, with … Continue reading

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