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Bookshelf: The State of the Disunion

Michael R. Collings is a gifted critic, academic, editor, novelist, and poet. In 2016, he’s really doubled down on poetry, producing multiple volumes of sonets (his word) on various subjects. His most recent collection bears a title suggesting the poems are … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: The Longest Con

Michaelbrent Collings has shown a great deal of versatility beyond the horror for which he’s known. Previous explorations have included epic fantasy and Arthurian middle-grade superhero; THE LONGEST CON has Collings digging into Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden territory, with a … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: Taliesin

Country music songwriters know this important fact about writing: you lead your readers to access the universal by bringing to vivid life the particular. The details matter, the small stories resonate, even — maybe especially — in this era of … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: Chain of Evil

I sat down with a .pdf copy of this book, annotation functions turned on, intending to highlight the tidbits I imagined I’d glean from Dr. Collings. Collings is, after all, a master of the horror genre as novelist, as commentator, as poet, … Continue reading

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Few Words

“Words not only have lexical (that is dictionary-based) meanings, but they also have a sphere of emotional suggestions attached to them. Few words outside the mostly functional terms in English—is, are, was, were, to, from, and, but, and others—mean only … Continue reading

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