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Bookshelf: Pack Dynamics

After getting out of the Army, Ben becomes a private investigator, in which capacity one of his big clients is billionaire pharmaceuticals CEO Alex Jarrett. Ben’s Ranger experience makes him a great PI, tenacious, tough, and clever… but his experience … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: Monster Hunter Alpha

Monster Hunter Alpha continues Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series with all its trademarks: white-knuckle action, gritty gun details, wild swaggering characters on both the heroes’ and the villains’ side, and comic wisecracking in the best tradition of Hollywood action films. … Continue reading

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Badass Russians

“Badass Russians only have three emotions: revenge, depression, and vodka.” — Earl Harbinger

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A Song for Owen Zastava Pitt

I meant to post this a few weeks ago, to celebrate the publication of Monster Hunter Alpha.  A day late, and sloppy, that’s me. Anyway, congrats, Larry!  Here are the lyrics: Monster Hunter Blues Riding hummers ’round in rural countiesYou … Continue reading

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