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Bookshelf: The State of the Disunion

Michael R. Collings is a gifted critic, academic, editor, novelist, and poet. In 2016, he’s really doubled down on poetry, producing multiple volumes of sonets (his word) on various subjects. His most recent collection bears a title suggesting the poems are … Continue reading

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Poisoned Spines Bursting from the Apricot Tree

At Gangrene Creative Symposium, I FINALLY WON AT CHOOSE YOUR OWN APOCALYPSE!!! Here’s what I did in the Art Round.  Heh, heh.

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This Is Not the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

My friend Brian challenged me, but in my heart it feels too late to take the ALS Challenge.  So we have contributed to the charities to which we regularly contribute, and instead of dousing myself with ice, I offer you … Continue reading

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The Methode of a Poet Historical

“For the Methode of a Poet Historical is not such, as of an Historiographer.  For an Historiographer discourseth of affayres orderly as they were donne, accounting as well the times as the actions, but a Poet thrusteth into the middest, … Continue reading

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