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Bookshelf: Space Operae

Space Operae is the independent publication (and elaboration) of a story previously published in two novellas in the Space Eldritch and Space Eldritch II: The Haunted Stars anthologies.  Set among those other tales of Lovecraftian space opera, the two Space Opera … Continue reading

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We Very Much Want You

HOMINES ARDENT, she read.  The men burn.  Unintelligible lines.  More lines she could read, few and far between, but as she sank deeper into the reading the Latin language fell away and the words burned themselves directly into Metic Fallows’s … Continue reading

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BOOK BOMB! Howard Tayler breaks out of comic space opera and writes horror.  Michael Collings throws his visions of terror into outer space space.  Brad Torgerson and Carter Reid combine to create something darker than the sum of their parts. … Continue reading

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Enough Blood for What?

“Is this enough blood?” Sa-Nyarlat, born Senwosret, high priest of the ancient complex of Huut-Nyarlat, gazed down from the height of the valley temple.  Once, the plains behind him and across the river’s gorge had been lush and wet with … Continue reading

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