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For Those Who Don’t Subscribe to Publisher’s Weekly

It turns out that if you get a starred review, PW offers you a nice price on an ad touting the fact. And here is the ad Baen is taking out in the 2/27 issue of PW. I risk being … Continue reading

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Why Writing Is Awesome

Writing is hard. You work alone in a closet, you struggle with doubt and fear, and then when you produce a book, no matter how good it is, someone feels obligated and entitled to beat you up for it. And … Continue reading

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The Kidnap Plot is a Whitney Nominee

I have been informed by the Whitney Awards that THE KIDNAP PLOT is a 2016 nominee. Fingers crossed!

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Cap and Ball

This last Sunday I was in Denver and my friend Mario offered to take me shooting. He was too kind to say this, but I think he’d read some of my stories with cap and ball pistols in them (THE … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: Blood Curse

Blood Curse opens on the same brutal ground as the first book of Jake Lasater’s adventures, Blood Ties — in Jake’s origin story. In Blood Ties we saw him obey his pointless order to sacrifice his life and his men’s … Continue reading

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Seven Days of Trumpets

THE KIDNAP PLOT releases today. For the next seven days, you’ll see me posting 3+ times a day about the book. I PROMISE, after a week, I’ll taper off. And I’ll try to share things in the posts — reviews, … Continue reading

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I’m in several segments of this publishing industry, now: self-publishing, indie-publishing, and, releases imminent, big-press-publishing. The segments work differently in many ways, one of which is speed. Let’s set aside the middle ground for this brief discussion and focus on … Continue reading

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We Have Winners!

I recently ran a meme generation contest, which I announced to my mailing list (you can sign up for my mailing list here). The Space Balrogs judged the entries. The Second-Place Winner (and recipient of an ARC of THE KIDNAP … Continue reading

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ARC Contest Still Open!

We are halfway through the contest to win one of two ARCs of THE KIDNAP PLOT.  You can read about the contest here, if this is news to you. Here are some of the memes that have been submitted so … Continue reading

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Denver, Here I Come!

Denver, here I come! Look for me at Denver Comic Con this weekend. How will you know where to find me? I’ll be at the WordFire Press booth, as usual, and specifically, I’ll be standing front of the fantastic banner, … Continue reading

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