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I Am a Folksinger Now

If you watch my Twitter or Facebook feeds at all, you know that back in August and September I recorded a music CD. This is me (mostly), performing the songs and other music in my epic fantasy novel WITCHY EYE. … Continue reading

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Texas Wants Me, Anyway

I’ve been in Houston and in Fort Worth in the last two weeks, hitting a variety of bookstores to meet staff and sign stock. This week, I finish my tour of Texas by tagging along with Larry Correia as his … Continue reading

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As this post publishes, Christopher Husberg and I should be nearing Las Vegas on the first leg of our world tour, reading from and signing copies of our epic fantasy novels. Okay, “world” is an exaggeration, but “the west coast … Continue reading

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For Those Who Don’t Subscribe to Publisher’s Weekly

It turns out that if you get a starred review, PW offers you a nice price on an ad touting the fact. And here is the ad Baen is taking out in the 2/27 issue of PW. I risk being … Continue reading

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Chibis for you! @LTUESymposium #witchyeye

I won’t make Life, the Universe, and Everything (LTUE) this year. I’ll be across the country, at Pensacon in Florida, selling WITCHY EYE for the first time, alongside THE KIDNAP PLOT and my WordFire Press books. But I don’t want … Continue reading

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Witchy Eye Spring Tour

WITCHY EYE is available everywhere on March 7. In select places and times, it’ll be available even sooner! Here are my upcoming appearances selling and talking about WITCHY EYE: February 2-4  *  SUPERSTARS OF WRITING  *  Colorado Springs February 17-19 … Continue reading

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Too Many Letters

“Think of it this way. For you, this animal is a horse.” Jake leaned forward to pat his mount’s shoulder. “When you say it, it’s like that, horse. When you write it, you write H-O-R-S-E.” “You mean horsey, Jake. Horse … Continue reading

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Good Advice (a few lines from my WIP)

“A sedan.” Hop nodded again. “She does not touch the ground. And she has others with her, and they look harmless.” “Call no man harmless until he is dead,” Bill said. “My education ended early, but I believe I remember … Continue reading

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A New World Obsession

I’m neck-deep in the WITCHY EYE setting and stories, and wanted to share this quote from the book (it’s in the POV of Obadiah Dogsbody, rough English factotum to a Yankee wizard-priest): The Tarock was a New World obsession, something … Continue reading

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I’m usually amused when Autocorrect mangles my perfectly intelligible text into something I didn’t intend. It’s funny, mostly. But now Autocorrect (as embodied in Amazon’s search algorithms) is giving me heartburn. Here’s the issue: my novel WITCHY EYE is coming … Continue reading

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