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Poor Richard Says

Poor Richard tells that the Burgomaster and Aldermen of a small town west of Chicago one day were meeting in council to discuss the draining of the local swamp, when a stranger appeared in their hall and offered to drain … Continue reading

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In the Spirit of Showcasing Other Writers

They’ve found the blog of James, Bishop of Jerusalem.  No links to YouTube, unfortunately. Bonus: picture of Margaret Barker, my favorite Biblical scholar.

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Not Since the Inklings…

…has the world seen such a heroic company of workers in narrative. Story Monkeys update: Platte’s in discussion with multiple agents about representation now. (Cue ThunderCats music) Story… Story… Story Monkeys, ho!

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I Might Could Suggest a Different Text

            “My text this morning is from Isaiah fifty-eight,” the priest continued, almost mumbling now, face-down in the Bible.  Mutters of dissatisfaction were beginning to be voiced in the crowd.  “Is not this the fast that … Continue reading

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The Greek Seaman

This is too entertaining to pass up.  I do not endorse any of the language used by any of the participants, nor do I know anything about any of the book, its author or the reviewer.

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Shelmerston Ladies

Here’s some more not-filk for you. One of my very favorite writers is Patrick O’Brian, author of the Aubreyad, i.e., Master and Commander and its nineteen sequels.  These books are amazing and you should read them. One of the Aubreyad’s … Continue reading

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Killer Canopic Jar

           Betty sprang up before the PINHEADs, clapping wildly.  “Where is he?” she shrieked, giddy and badly misguided.            Milo Bumbles was a heavy man to the day of his tragic death, but he had quick reflexes.  In … Continue reading

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Cuccurucucu, Paloma!

Because it’s the weekend. And because Franco Battiato takes no prisoners.

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Great Writing Secrets, No. 1

Write every day.  Organize your life to be able to do so, cut the deals and sign the treaties required so that you can have the time to put your backside in the chair for at least some period of … Continue reading

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Falling in Love

 “Don’t worry, Ash,” Penny reassured me.  “Women don’t compensate.  We aren’t obsessed about the size of anything.” “Oh, yeah?” retorted Josh, but whatever snappy comeback he thought he was about to make never made it past his lips, dying instead … Continue reading

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