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Top Down and Bottom Up

There are probably other, traditional terms to describe what I’m about to say, terms that literary critics, agents and college professors would use.  I don’t know those terms.  This is how the Story Monkeys talk about this stuff. A good … Continue reading

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So Long as the Invasion Ain’t Planned for Nap Time

A rangy young man in buckskins and a shapeless felt hat, apparently unarmed, came up the side of the Liahona and clasped arms with Captain Jones.  His lean face bore the long, wispy beard of a young man who had … Continue reading

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How to Write Good

The Grey Mouser sent me this.

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This Dark Endeavor

Yesterday I read This Dark Endeavor, to be published this fall by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.  It’s a good book, gothic boy-oriented YA, a prequel to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in which Victor Frankenstein fights with his older … Continue reading

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What Is Steampunk (11)? (K.W. Jeter)

K.W. Jeter famously coined the term “steampunk” in the late 1980s (when “cyberpunk” was all the rage) to describe what he, Tim Powers and James Blaylock were writing at the time.  In the current (Angry Robot 2011) reprint of his … Continue reading

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Ci vuole un fisico bestiale

This is the song that made me a Luca Carboni fan, almost 20 years ago.

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And now I’m tweeting, as DavidJohnButler.  Expect some inanity while I figure this out.

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Dave Carter

The late Dave Carter was the songwriting genius behind the folk duo Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer.  All their albums together are terrific (Drum Hat Buddha might be my favorite, though that’s a hard call), as is Flower of Avalon, … Continue reading

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So I’m on Goodreads now.  Look for me.  For now, I’m just keeping track of what I read and commenting on a few of the books.  Later, I’ll join some groups and maybe even get fancy and get an author … Continue reading

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What Is Steampunk? (10) (Baritsu, the Steampunk Scholar and the Steampunk Empire)

Sherlock Holmes was a baritsu practitioner, according to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Enjoy this essay on baritsu, or, er… bartitsu, as a steampunk martial art. Also, check this guy out.  I’m only occasionally throwing out steampunk nuggets for those of … Continue reading

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