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Rider cocked his revolved and pointed it at Mike’s head. And Chuy, in Scarecrow’s body, whacked his spiked club into Rider’s grinning face.  Scarecrow, it turned out, was a muscular man, and had none of the underfeeding-induced weakness Chuy felt, … Continue reading

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‘Cause It’s a Taco Truck

“Go to hell,” Chuy said. “Been there.”  Eddie Marlowe, the wire-thin, jittery rock and roll guitarist, shot his bloodshot eyes left and right around the rubble that had once been a parking lot.  The S on the wall above Eddie … Continue reading

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Life, the Universe, and Everything 2014

The organizers heavy-loaded me up front.  Here’s my schedule: Thursday: 11:00 am Pen Names, with Mikey Brooks and others 1:00 pm Writing from an Outline, with Rob Wells and others 2:00 pm Modern Fantasy and its Relation to Folklore, with Mikey … Continue reading

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