Life, the Universe, and Everything 2014

The organizers heavy-loaded me up front.  Here’s my schedule:


11:00 am Pen Names, with Mikey Brooks and others

1:00 pm Writing from an Outline, with Rob Wells and others

2:00 pm Modern Fantasy and its Relation to Folklore, with Mikey Brooks and others

3:00 pm The Inklings and Their Disciples, with Michael R. Collings and others


2:00 pm Jules Verne, with Deren Hansen, Brett Peterson, and others

6:00 pm Originality, with Nathan Shumate and others

I’m pretty amused that the panel descriptions for both Modern Fantasy and The Inklings include references to J.K. Rowling, and I don’t think she belongs in either.  With luck, this will occasion sharp disagreement and maybe even a brawl.

Look for me also at evening filking, and in the dealer room.

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