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Good Advice (a few lines from my WIP)

“A sedan.” Hop nodded again. “She does not touch the ground. And she has others with her, and they look harmless.” “Call no man harmless until he is dead,” Bill said. “My education ended early, but I believe I remember … Continue reading

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I am reading (and enjoying the hell out of) Deirdre McCloskey’s Bourgeois Virtues. That book and its arguments are much bigger than this tiny blog post, but a minor point in the book (the alleged fragmentation of modern, that is … Continue reading

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A New World Obsession

I’m neck-deep in the WITCHY EYE setting and stories, and wanted to share this quote from the book (it’s in the POV of Obadiah Dogsbody, rough English factotum to a Yankee wizard-priest): The Tarock was a New World obsession, something … Continue reading

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