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Son of Water Cage

I tend to think that a creative person is a creative person, whatever the medium.  Here’s something I did recently, in the medium of PVC pipe.  Meet Son of Water Cage. Here it is as its skeleton is beginning to … Continue reading

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My neighbor squinted at me the other day and said “I imagine you’re the kind of guy that has a surprisingly diverse range of friends.” I had never thought about it, but it turns out he’s right.  I count among … Continue reading

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I have this friend, Danyelle Leafty.  You should go check out what she writes in her blog, ’cause she’s interesting.  You might even read some of the books she’s written, which are middle grade fantasies, generally with fairy-tale themes or … Continue reading

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Exacting Essence

My friend James Wymore has a new book out. It’s called Exacting Essence, and it’s a YA adventure-horror tale in which James tackles the most evil force the universe has ever known. That’s right: clowns. To celebrate Exacting Essence, James, … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: Knights Dawning

From the time I read Umberto Eco’s novel Foucault’s Pendulum, when I was in high school, I’ve wanted to write a novel about Assassins and Knights Templar.  It would have been, I think, a story about two men who hated … Continue reading

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History Cake

Emily Adams published a review of City of the Saints a few days ago on A Motley Vision, and I want to share it here. Because it turns out, that much of what I write could be described as “history … Continue reading

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