Exacting Essence

EE E-book CoverMy friend James Wymore has a new book out. It’s called Exacting Essence, and it’s a YA adventure-horror tale in which James tackles the most evil force the universe has ever known.

That’s right: clowns.

To celebrate Exacting Essence, James, and his work, I invited him over here and asked him three question.

Q: You’re all over the map in speculative fiction — steampunk, epic fantasy, YA thrillers. If you could narrow down the James Wymore brand to three words, what would those words be?

JW: Setting has meaning!

Q: You write, you promote, you edit, you publish, you’re the Energizer Bunny of the Utah writing scene. What do you do to replenish your energy when it runs low?

JW: Writing IS how I replenish my energy. It’s my escape.

Q: Seriously, isn’t it hard to be so handsome?

JW: Well, I’ve found tall men are ALL handsome, so it was just luck. When I am fending off the “many” admirers, I just remind myself how difficult it must be for them to endure this chiseled visage. Wait, that was my wonderful friend, Fiction, once again gracing my psyche.

*   *   *

There’ll be a Facebook release party for Exacting Essence this Saturday.  And don’t forget to find and follow James on Twitter: @JamesWymore.

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