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Bookshelf: Valcoria

It’s hard losing your father, even if he dies in an act of great heroism, but Sittrell Trauel has no time to mourn. The city of Amigus, entrusted to his care, falls to treachery and is taken by the aggressive … Continue reading

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Tree City Comic Con

Here we come.

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Some Part of Heaven’s Design

You are not entitled to know every detail, but I will tell you what the gods permit.  At one time, in my folly, I was rash enough to disclose the plans of Zeus from start to finish.  I now realize … Continue reading

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“I took a bright boy—quirky and a little out of control, but bright and basically healthy—and I’ve turned him into a delusional maniac.” “I’m pretty sure I’m not delusional.” “You talk to animals.” “Yeah, and I also get them to … Continue reading

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The Mystery Which Guides

“Sculptors and creators of every kind are aware of inspiration and flashes of insight; and the greater they are, the more reverence they show as they refer to the mystery which guides them.” — Walter F. Otto, Dionysus: Myth and … Continue reading

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