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Have You Considered

“Have you considered reading something less… adventure-y?” she asked, setting aside her completed stack of books. “Like stories about boys whose dogs die? Or whose friends get cancer? Or who learn how important it is to tell the truth, or … Continue reading

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The Flood Myth

John Lundwall, mythologist and cosmologist, gives another fascinating online lecture, this time on the flood myth.  Can’t wait for his forthcoming book.

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Sad to Miss It

This Saturday, there’s a local authors event at the Viridian West Jordan Library & Event Center.  I’m disappointed that some last-minute professional obligations will keep me away… but you could go.

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Middle Reader

Started writing a new middle reader novel this week.  I’m excited about it, for various reasons, though it’s a lot less fantasy-ish than most of what I’ve written. How do I know it’s middle grade? It’s written in language a … Continue reading

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All Zombies Gotta Die

Howard Tayler, Craig Nybo, and James Wymore go head to head in the art round at Salt Lake Comic Con.  This is the moment where Craig — as zombies — pulled out into the lead. Also… I have an audiobook … Continue reading

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Masked Man

I met Chris at FanX this spring.  His gear and his chops make me want a ukulele. Oh, yeah… I have an audiobook out this week.

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This weekend at Salt Lake Comic Con, I mentioned three recent newspaper articles or opinion pieces that had bearing on the conversation.  Since a few people have mentioned or asked about those articles, I wanted to share them here. Here’s an … Continue reading

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It’s been a long time coming, but City of the Saints is now available as an audiobook.  Get it at: Audible or Amazon or through the iTunes store (no link, you’ll have to find it yourself). Now, I’m posting this … Continue reading

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Salt Lake Comic Con was gigantic.  Too much happened to really report on, but I will say that the best thing about these events continues to be people: I ran into my best friend from sixth grade, David Young.  I … Continue reading

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Poisoned Spines Bursting from the Apricot Tree

At Gangrene Creative Symposium, I FINALLY WON AT CHOOSE YOUR OWN APOCALYPSE!!! Here’s what I did in the Art Round.  Heh, heh.

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