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What Is Steampunk? (Duke of York Column)

Okay, it isn’t really steampunk.  But it should get punk’d.  The Duke ought to turn out to be the guardian of the Mall, and in response to an invasion by airborne Frenchmen, his gears grind into action and he hops … Continue reading

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BOOK BOMB! Howard Tayler breaks out of comic space opera and writes horror.  Michael Collings throws his visions of terror into outer space space.  Brad Torgerson and Carter Reid combine to create something darker than the sum of their parts. … Continue reading

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What Is Steampunk? (France)

Steampunk is retrofuturism, adventures told today in the guise of yesterday’s science fiction.  Here’s what French science fiction was a century ago.  I love the whimsy of it. More here.

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The rumors are true.  And if elected, I definitely will serve.

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Not That Council

“Why does Heaven communicate to me by the Sons of Light?” John smiled.  “We have always been Heaven’s.  We are the redundant network.  The backup plan.” “The backup plan for what?” “For when the main plan goes awry.  I am … Continue reading

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A Bite of Magic

And now a word from Danyelle Leafty, author of several terrific MG and YA fantasy tales: Magic isn’t a handful of sparkling dust, a star-topped wand, or a tame word captured on parchment. It’s alive. It has a mind of … Continue reading

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