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I Could Kill You Where You Stand

“I could kill you where you stand, Edgar.” The voice came from behind him, and it was Roxie’s.  Since it was Roxie talking, the words might be complete and utter lies, a bluff. Then again, it was Roxie, and she … Continue reading

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Potent Pants

“Fornication pants!” Young shouted. Sam froze, unsure he’d heard the man correctly, unsure whether he was witnessing some attempt at humor. “He is a modern man, Señor Presidente,” the other man said.  He was a heavy black man, completely bald … Continue reading

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My friend Catherine Tufariello.

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Today is the first official day of this (new version of this) blog.  It’s about writing, so I’ll start with a book that someone in my family wrote.  Sadly, not me.  This is my son William’s first book of spells. … Continue reading

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More excellent kids’ show music.

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Ha!  One of my favorites.

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Happy Black Friday

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I’m going to take a break today, and be thankful for it.

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Telling Characters Apart

Day three of revision work on City of the Saints, and I think it’s going well. City has six POV characters, and I want each of them to sound distinctive in his speech and feel distinctive in his POV.  What … Continue reading

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What Is Steampunk? (Steampunk Christmas)

Check this out.

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