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CONduit Report: How Do You Feel About Zombies?

It turns out a lot of people think they’re cool.  Enough that I should consider writing a zombie book?  Nah, I probably couldn’t do it as well as the people that are already doing it. For instance, there’s Carter Reid … Continue reading

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CONduit Report: Filking

I spent the weekend in Salt Lake City, at CONduit XXI, “Utah’s longest-running and largest general science fiction and fantasy convention.”  I’ll spend the next few days reporting on things I did there and related observations and links. I drove … Continue reading

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A Shot of Old, Weird America

And the other Iron & Wine:

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Weird Al Is a Genius

This song has only one piece of semantic content: I don’t understand Bob Dylan’s lyrics. The rest is structure. Awesome.

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A Reader’s Manifesto

I like this essay very much.

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So Romantic

Canadian researchers report that women find dark, brooding men attractive. This isn’t really news, as anyone who’s read their Jung or their Byron could have told you the same thing for less government funding.  But I’m happy to read that current … Continue reading

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Outlining by Chapter: Francis (Lucy) Drollery

Okay, forget Surfer Dude, I didn’t enjoy making it up any more than you enjoyed reading it. Still, I want to show you one more pre-writing / outlining tool, so rather than go through the exercise of making one up … Continue reading

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The Collins Guides

So I’m writing a couple of different things set in England (the Francis Drollery, Ghost Crusader series and Project Alpha), and I have been using the Collins Guides to help me select and describe trees, flowers and birds, as needed. … Continue reading

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Writing Retreats

So I spent nine days on a beautiful ranch in Boulder, Utah (yes, UTAH, not Colorado).  It was wonderfully isolated, just us writers, the mice and the seven o’clock deer.  And I was very productive, at least by my standards, … Continue reading

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Roll a D6

This is parody twice over.  I don’t care about the “Like a G6” parody, because I don’t care about “Like a G6”. But the other parody in here is a parody of my own youth culture.  Ah, heady days!

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