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I’m usually amused when Autocorrect mangles my perfectly intelligible text into something I didn’t intend. It’s funny, mostly. But now Autocorrect (as embodied in Amazon’s search algorithms) is giving me heartburn. Here’s the issue: my novel WITCHY EYE is coming … Continue reading

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How Can I Help My Author Friend?

A skeletal and non-exhaustive list, offered with no comment. You can: Buy her book. Buy more copies, and give them as gifts. Share on social media that you’ve bought the book. Reshare your friend’s announcements about the book. Reshare great … Continue reading

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I’m in several segments of this publishing industry, now: self-publishing, indie-publishing, and, releases imminent, big-press-publishing. The segments work differently in many ways, one of which is speed. Let’s set aside the middle ground for this brief discussion and focus on … Continue reading

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I want to be overrated. This thought comes out of a weekend post on social media, in which a writer asked what books of the last thirty years other people had found to be the most overrated.  It’s a fair … Continue reading

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Mission and Vision

  A writer is a business owner and should act like one.  With the recent growth of my team (the addition of Daniel Braithwaite in publicity), I took the opportunity to think about the core purpose of my business.  That thinking … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Job

One piece of wisdom I’ve heard at many writing conferences goes something like this: “Writing is a job. You have to treat it like a job to be successful.” But that’s wrong. Writing is not a job. A job means … Continue reading

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Two Mes

Here’s me, at Life, the Universe and Everything in February.  There is a professionalism point here — when you are selling yourself as a professional writer, don’t go to business events dressed like a goombah or a slacker. And here … Continue reading

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CONduit Report: Self-Promotion Addendum

I attended a panel at CONduit (mostly, I didn’t actually go to the panels — that wasn’t what I was there for, but I went to one or two) on self-promotion.  It featured such fine writers as Larry Correia and … Continue reading

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A Reader’s Manifesto

I like this essay very much.

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Query Letter

Dear Mr. ???: Max Spencer looked like your average 12-year-old middle schooler, although a bit more buoyant and a tad less athletic than most. He’d never scored the final point to win a game or crossed the finish line with … Continue reading

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