History Cake

Emily Adams published a review of City of the Saints a few days ago on A Motley Vision, and I want to share it here.

Because it turns out, that much of what I write could be described as “history cake.”  And the stories that aren’t history cake might be “theology cake” or “politics cake.”  I write with Easter eggs, and sometimes with lots of them.  Those Easter eggs are riffs on other books (I’ve put a number of those in my upcoming steampunk fantasy book, Knopf 2016), on other authors, on songs, on comic book characters, on history, on community, or on Biblical passages, and those Easter eggs tie what I write into the universe of larger discourse.

Because writing is not escape.  Writing is engagement.

Writing is how you talk back to history, comment on anthropology, and plant ideas in the minds of readers to shape the future. The better you master that universe of discourse, the more you’re able to shape it, re-create it, subvert it, laugh at it, or underscore its tragedy.  Writing is Everything Cake.

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